The Cat Life – Top 10 Ways I’ve Annoyed My Owners

The Cat Life – Top 10 Ways I’ve Annoyed My Owners

1. My owners purchased this really cool-looking, super comfortable bed for me. Overhead them speak about how much it cost as well. Naturally, I’ve kept on sleeping in the shoe boxes instead.

2. I went hunting and caught a delicious mouse. Thought the owners should definitely know about it, so I dropped it off while they were having dinner.

3. My owners placed a mat under the kitty litter box so that it wouldn’t go everywhere. I peed on the mat.

4. Laying on my owner’s lap and got real freaked out suddenly today. No idea why. Anyway, next thing you know, my owner’s jumping around and screaming more than I am!

5. My owners purchased me a new bed, again. So, I slept in the sink.

6. Overhead my owners talking about how expensive the crystal glassware on the table was. I knocked it off the table, of course.

7. A lovely bowl of FRESH water was waiting for me to drink and re-hydrate. So was a glass full of water that my owner had for himself as well, though.

8. I help my owners save money. Why invest in an alarm when you can have a cat? And, who wants to sleep in on a Sunday anyway?

9.  My owner had some important work to do today. I had some important resting to do today.

10. I really do drive my owners up the wall. Probably want to disown me by the end of every day. But then, I pull my cute face and it’s all okay.