Animal Shelter & Care Industry

Kennel, Cage and Equipment Disinfection

Throw Away Your Chemicals, Sanitizers, Deodorizers, Bleach and Stop Flushing Your Dollars Down the Drain… Get the Safe, Simple, No Mix, No Rinse Klorman System for so much less!

Join hundreds of animal control facilities, humane societies, kennel facilities and veterinary care facilities and many others who found the answer to bacteria, virus and disinfection problems. Klorman assures clean and disinfected kennels, cages and equipment. This system has been tested and proven in its’ ability to safely and economically control disease and improve operational efficiency. Klorman uses patented calcium hypochlorite cartridges.

Klorman Works!

  • Kills bacteria and viruses (including Canine Parvo) on contact
  • Kills mold and algae
  • Sanitizes equipment and facilities
  • Cleans & disinfects kennels, cages and equipment
  • Low maintenance, economical, and no storage issues
  • Protects your animals and You… non-burning and non-corrosive

For nearly 30 years Klorman Industries has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of only the best products for the retail, industrial and agricultural markets.