Klorman KM1000 In Line Chlorination Unit

Klorman KM1000 Chlorination Unit


Safe, easy, reliable chlorination is available with the KLORMAN KM1000 Chlorination Unit. With the use of the patented HYPOCHLOR cartridge in the KLORMAN KM1000 Chlorination Unit, you can eliminate the problems and complications faced when using alternative systems.


KLORMAN KM1000 Chlorination Unit is an advanced system for continuous, controlled practical dosing of solid chlorine into water systems. Chlorine treatment of water is proven in its ability to kill disease-causing organisms; remove odors, slime, algae growth and other contaminants.


Fully adjustable, the KLORMAN KM1000 Chlorination Unit can supply from less than 5 ppm to over 200 ppm.


Ideal for the following application

  • Post Harvest Spray Tunnels
  • Nurseries
  • Dairy Farms
  • Animal Shelters
  • Caravan Parks
  • Sporting Clubs


Easily installed, the KLORMAN KM1000 Chlorination Unit can be mounted in-line in existing pipework. Or using the preferred by-pass installation method


Extremely durable, the KLORMAN KM1000 Chlorination Unit is durable and easy to operate with no moving parts to wear out, saving on maintenance, operating costs and chlorine usage. The KLORMAN KM1000 Chlorination Unit provides an economical, safe and reliable means of water chlorination, making chlorine sanitation available to everyone.



  • Do not exceed 80psi with the KlORMAN KM1000
  • Prime all surface before you glue them in with high pressure glue, allow 48 hours to dry and cure
  • Avoid water hammer through the unit as it will crack
  • For better control, plumb the KlORMAN KM1000 in as a by-pass
See Specification

KM1000 By-pass Setup

KM1000 Components

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