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EMEC KAPLUS Chlorine Pump (Models from 1l/hr/18b to 7.5l/hr/5b) PMMA head

  • Includes foot valve, Injection valve, 2M of Suction tubing and 2M of Discharge tubing
  • Reliable & accurate dosing with self venting (de-gassing) transparent Acrylic head
  • Suitable for dosing Sodium Hypochlorite or Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Manual Speed adjustment (1-100%) for varying dose rate OR via external 4/20mA or contact closures with PULSE MULTIPLY and PULSE DIVIDE
  • Adjustable stroke length (10-100%)
  • Float on foot valve stops pump dosing when chemical level in tank is low
  • Double ball check valves in foot valve, suction & bleed valves
  • Solid Teflon diaphragm prevents wear
  • Spring loaded injection valve with ceramic ball
  • Simple mounting




Configuration Foot Mount, Wall Mount with Optional Bracket
Variables Measured Level
Inputs 4-20mA, Pulse, Tank Level Dry Contact, Water Meter Make-up Pulses
Max Flow / Pressure (Head) 3.5 l/hr @ 10 bar, 7.5 l/hr @ 5 bar
Process Connection 1/2 inch BSP Male
Materials Ceramic Balls, FKM B O-rings & Seats, PMMA Acrylic Transparent Head, PTFE Diaghragm/s, PVDF Valve Bodies
Max Viscosity 100 cps
IP Rating IP65
Install Kit Included 4x6mm tube, injection valve & foot valve with level float
Optional Tube Size 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 5×8 or 6x9mm