Shelf Life Enhancement

Meat, Seafood And Poultry Processing Plants

Hygiene in abattoirs and processing plants is extremely difficult to achieve, and requires specialized application of sanitation compounds at key points in the slaughtering process. Blood and protein waste forms a resistant biofilm on the surface of meat and carcasses, and it is impossible to sanitize effectively unless this biofilm is destroyed. Sanitizers such as chlorine gas and liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) are either unable to deliver the right type of chlorine compound at the right time, at the right place, or create difficulties for the user in terms storage, mixing and monitoring of application apparatus. Hypochlor® can be applied more effectively – and more economically, with less complication for the user.

Processing Plants For Fruit / Vegetables

The application of chlorine gas or liquid bleach on processed fruit and vegetables results in the destruction of plant tissue and negatively affects the shelf life and retail presentation of the produce. Unless chlorine gas is dosed at pH 7 or above, it will produce hydrochloric acid, resulting in acid hydrolytic degradation of the outer epidermal cuticle of plants. With the application of liquid chlorine bleach, the plant surface is weakened due to the displacement of calcium in the cell wall. Hypochlor® does not share any of these negative side effects and will promote effective sanitation without destroying plant tissue, resulting in improved shelf life and enhanced retail presentation.

Retailers Of Meat, Seafood And Poultry

Even when proper hygiene standards are maintained at processing plants, meat is usually re-infected with spoilage organisms by the time it reaches the retail butcher, delicatessen or fish counter.

Disinfection of meat portions at retail level results in dramatic improvement in both shelf life and presentation due to the control of spoilage bacteria. For this specific purpose, we have developed a single system which allows the retailer to disinfect product, improve shelf life, and practice effective environmental hygiene with the same technology.

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