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  • This warranty only applies if the product has been purchased from a dealer authorised by Klorman Industries Pty Ltd and Klorman Industries SA/NT Pty Ltd to supply it (Authorised Dealer). Purchase from an Authorised Dealer ensures that the product is a genuine Klorman Industries product.
  • Klorman Industries liability under this warranty is limited, at its option, to the repair or replacement of the Product or the payment of the cost of having the Product repaired or replaced.
  • This warranty does not apply in the following circumstances:
    1. If the Product has not been installed in accordance with Klorman Industries installation instructions;
    2. If the Product has been modified other than as authorised by Klorman Industries or if a component part has been replaced by a part that is not a genuine part for the specific product
    3. If a defect results from use of the Product outside recommended operating conditions; or
    4. If a defect results from damage (including damage to any internal electronics) caused by a power surge or lightning strike.
  • Klorman Industries chlorinators are designed and tested in accordance with International Standard EN 61000-6-1 immunity measurements. They are designed to tolerate minor fluctuations (2000 volts) in power supply that can be reasonably expected to occur in the energy grid. They will not tolerate power surges outside these limits nor will they withstand lightning strikes.
  • Without limiting 3 above, products sold by Klorman Industries are designed for use with swimming pool water balanced in accordance with Australian Standard AS3633-1989 with a pH range of 7.0 – 7.8. Maximum chlorine readings should not exceed 4ppm. Where pool water is not maintained within these parameters, Klorman Industries will not be responsible under this warranty for any resulting damage, including damage caused by corrosion, scaling or stress loading.
  • Replacement parts supplied under this warranty are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the remainder of the warranty period or for 12 months from the supply of the replacement, whichever is longer.
  • Warranty claims relating to replacement of the electrodes for the Klorman Industries range of chlorinators are subject to the following pro-rata pricing procedure. The Purchaser must pay for the replacement electrode a proportion of the cost equal to that proportion of the warranty period during which the original electrode functioned effectively.
  • The warranty period for the replacement electrode is the remainder of the warranty period for the original electrode or 12 months from the supply of the replacement, whichever is longer. The Purchaser must pay full cost for any replacement electrodes after the first replacement.

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