About Us

Who we are

Klorman Industries was established in 1996. Today we supply and distribute a wide range of treatment products and brands throughout the retail, industrial and agricultural market sectors in Australia. Klorman Industries SA/NT Pty Ltd was established 3 years ago to service South Australia and the Northern Territories.

We are committed to developing, designing and manufacturing innovative products to help complement individual needs. In doing so, we stay ahead of our competitors and offer the end user a product that makes a positive difference to them and the environment.

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We offer a diverse range of products and services

Klorman Industries agricultural division offers a range of water treatment solutions, which are economical & easy to maintain. There are no flow rate limitations, and the many benefits of using Calcium Hypochlorite include; safe handling & storage enhanced hygiene levels as well as overall biosecurity within your production facility.

At Klorman Industries we are always looking at ways to help protect our environment. One of the methods we use to do this is by recycling the majority of our empty drums, this in turn saves 1000’s of cubic metres landfill waste.

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Our committment and the environment

Klorman Industries can provide your business with the products, equipment, skill, service & training necessary to clean & maintain your equipment & premises to the highest standard. This in turn will help reduce inventory, lower costs & ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

We can provide all the correct documentation required to comply with relevant regulations, including hazardous product charts, safety data sheets & chemical usage charts.

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Quality Management System

Klorman Industries was established in 1996 and has a proven quality management system in place.

Service & Support

At Klorman Industries we strive for service, support and also provide product training for all customers and distributors.

Caring For The Environment

We consider minimising the impact on the environment to be a vital component of our business.

For over 20 years Klorman Industries has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of only the best products for the retail, industrial and agricultural markets.