Non Stabilised Chlorine Tablets 69% Slow Dissolving

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    5 x 150gm Non Stabilised Tablets – sleeved


    Minimum available Chlorine is 690gm/kg present as Calcium Hypochlorite
    Contains no Cyanuric Acid & uniquely designed for slow dissolving time


    Strong sanitiser
    Even exposed surface for consistent & constant dissolving rate
    No requirement for daily dosing
    Gives your pool a break from Stabiliser levels
    No affect on Cyanuric Acid


    20,000lt – 40,000lt Pools
    1-2 packs every 10-12 days
    40,000lt – 60,000lt Pools
    2.3 packs every 10-12 days

    DO NOTE REMOVE PLASTIC SLEEVE as this will increase the dissolution rate of the tablets significantly

    CAUTION Do not mix Non-Stabilised Tablets with Trichlor Stabilised Tablets

    Pack Sizes Available

    750gm, 40kg

    Code: PMC009

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