Top 10 Pawsitively Odd Cat Behaviours Defined

Top 10 Pawsitively Odd Cat Behaviours Defined

Cats can be purr-ty strange creatures at the best of times. Sometimes they can be irresistibly cute while other times your cat’s behaviour can outright freak you out. We’re here to help you get a little more familiar with our feline friends by defining their top 10 positively odd cat behaviours. Let’s get right into it.

Your cat is endlessly ignoring you

Does your cat sometimes ignore you when you try to snuggle up to it or get its attention? Don’t worry. Your cat doesn’t hate you and it’s not a complete jerk. Well, it’s not the only complete jerk. Some cats will just simply ignore whoever calls them out because they like their alone time. It’s just a behavioural trait that’s deeply rooted to the cat’s evolution.



Your cat wants your attention

For every time your cat ignores you it probably also tries to make its presence known as well. You know, by sitting in front of the TV when you’re trying to watch it; laying across your laptop when you’re trying to work; or, by just stroking its body and tail against you to let you know it would like for you to pat it. Make up your mind, kitty! Do you want attention or not?! Cats will try to get your attention by sitting on anything your engaging with instead of them.

Your cat randomly starts sprinting all over your house

You may get freaked out when you see your cat randomly sprinting and sliding around your house for no apparent reason. There are endless amounts of videos on YouTube that show cats doing just that. Don’t get too worried, though. Your cat hasn’t gone berserk, nor is it possessed by demons. Your four-leg’ed speeding fluff ball just needs to release some energy.

Your cat considers everything food

Have you ever caught your cat eating unexpected items? This may call for a visit to your local vet. Your cat may be suffering from PICA, which in itself is not dangerous. All this means is that you have to remove those items that your cat is chewing on and giving it more attention. Your cat may be chewing on non-food items for other reasons, however. This include dietary deficiencies, compulsive disorder, or feline leukemia. It’s best to take them to a vet to be sure what the cause is in any case.



Your cat is delivering dead animals to you

You should be absolutely thrilled should your cat ever do this. Cats don’t deliver food to just about anybody. They are instinctively hunters and are simply providing its family with the food it needs to survive.

Your cat bumps its head against yours

This one is easy. Your cat is showing you affection and that it considers you part of its family.

Your cat begins kissing you

Just like a dog licking and slobbering all over your face, your cat is telling you that it loves you, much like it would with a cute headbutt.

Your cat begins making random noises resembling chattering

Have you ever been lounging around your house only to hear your cat suddenly making noise from some corner of a distant room as it looks outside? This could be frustration on the cat’s part, as it is unable to instinctively hunt prey that it can see outside.



Your cat is knocking over random objects

There have undoubtedly been times where your cat has knocked a glass off your table for no apparent reason. Your expensive glass is now broken into a million pieces and you’re wondering what you did to deserve this from your cat. This can start off as your cat just practicing its hunting skills. Though, your cat notices when you react to this and might eventually start knocking items over to grab your attention. Either that, or it really just doesn’t like your stuff.

Your cat has a great love of cardboard boxes

Cats look absolutely adorable when they’re clumping up in small spaces such as empty fish bowls and cardboard boxes. This behaviour has perplexed cat owners for years. Cats, however, use enclosed spaces to deal with stress. By placing itself inside four tight walls cats feel a sense of security and this helps calm them.