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Phosphate LR 200 Foil


Phosphate LR 200 Foil

The Palintest Phosphate LR test provides a simple method of measuring phosphate levels over the range 0 – 4 mg/L PO4.
In the Palintest Phosphate LR method, the phosphate reacts under acid conditions with ammonium molybdate to form phospho-molybdic acid.
This compound is reduced by ascorbic acid to form the intensely coloured ‘molybdenum blue’ complex.
A catalyst is incorporated to ensure complete and rapid colour development and an inhibitor is used to prevent interference from silica.
The reagents are provided in the form of two tablets for maximum convenience. The test is simply carried out by adding one of each tablet to a sample of the water.
The intensity of the colour produced in the test is proportional to the phosphate concentration, and is measured using a Palintest Photometer.


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